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Adelaide, South Australia 2012

The 5th International Wheelchair Day on 1st March 2012 was the most significant yet, as it was the first truly “international” celebration. The day began with an official launch event attended by Steve Wilkinson and hosted by the Disability Information and Resource Centre (DIRC) in Adelaide, South Australia. We were honoured that two key representatives from the South Australia Parliament, Hon. Ian Hunter MLC, Minister for Disabilities and Hon. Kelly Vincent MLC, Dignity for Disability, attended and spoke at the event.

At the event, Steve also officially launched the International Wheelchair Club and Gail Miller, who was instrumental in organising the event with Letizia Gentile, Director of DIRC, spoke about her book and schools education programme “What we’re Wheelie like…

On 28th March 2012, Hon. Ian Hunter MLC made a supportive speech in Parliament about International Wheelchair Day.